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Once a Participant and his/her Circle of Support have reviewed the goals and purpose of the program and chooses Nicks’ Community for placement, a Person Centered Planning (PCP) meeting will be scheduled. The PCP will focus on seven areas of the Participant's life.  Each area will be explored to identify the Participant's strengths and challenges. From these insights, plans will be made to promote their strengths, and to deal with difficulties.  

  1. Circle of Support:  Make accommodations for as many Participants to attend as possible.

  2. History:  Past and current.  In and out of the home setting.

  3. Health:  Current health choices and possible limitation that should be considered when working with the Participant.

  4. Respect & Dignity:  Characteristics that promotes respect and dignity.  Current areas that have not promoted respect and dignity.

  5. Things that Work and Don’t Work:  People, Settings, Activities which create interest, happiness, and engagement.  People, settings, activities which create upset, boredom or escape.

  6. Choices:  Areas that the Participant currently has choices and areas that currently not made by them.

  7. Vision of the Future:  This will explore the home, work and community.

Our PCP will assist us as we find each Participants baseline and develop our services that are tailored to the Participants needs.  All Nick’s Community staff will review the PCP for each individual and follow the program.  Through the PCP and training they will know what works and what does not work for each Participants.  The success of the Participant in our program will depend on highly trained staff that know the Participants as well as their rights. 


1. Circle of Support

2. History

3. Health

4. Respect & Dignity

5. What Works / Doesn't Work

6. Choices

7. Vision of the Future

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