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When my son Nicky was three years old, he was was diagnosed with autism. Since that time, I have dedicated my life to my son's development, as well as the development of other children with autism. As the years have passed and Nick has matured into an adult, his needs have evolved as well. I have created Nick's Community to serve and support adults with disabilities. 

Through client-centered therapy with their immediate  community involvement, our clinicians develop  individualized programs to facilitate personal growth and development. We specifically gear activities to build the client's skills for employment or volunteer opportunities, and post-secondary education and training.


Board of Director & Nick's Mom

Having successfully owned and operated an agency providing intensive behavior intervention, as well as numerous years advocating for parents with similar ideologies, Laura has become a positive role model for many.  Laura's new project is a prime example of her devotion to the special needs community.



Founder & Executive Director

​Being a sibling of a special needs individual, Lindsey Toft brings a specialized and distinctive point of view to her position at Nick's Community. That dedication is her driving force as a Board of Director and ultimately an advocate for the population as a whole.


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Our Mission

Dedicated to support and serve adult individuals with disabilities.


Our services are designed for increased integration and inclusion for opportunities to develop or maintain employment, volunteer activities and pursue post-secondary education.  


Our vision is to provide programs that focus on each of our participants to be inclusive in all local business establishments.


  • Family

  • Ethics

  • Teamwork

  • Growth


We are a 501(c)(3) corporation offering social and community opportunities for adolescents and adults with special needs. 

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