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The Goal of Our Services


All adults part of Nick’s Community will have an individualized program in a community setting. Our focus will be the development of socializing, vocational, adaptive and life skills training that will promote personal choice, social awareness, and ultimately, full community inclusion.

Nick’s Community is a Community Integration Training Program for adults ages 18+ years of age with developmental disabilities.  All participants will be Regional Center Individuals with a current Individual Program Plan (IPP). 

Nick’s Community will service participants with behavior challenges, as well as those whom exhibit limited communication.  

We will develop an individualized Person Centered Plan with and for each Participant to set goals and tailor our services to the Participant's needs.


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Program Curriculum

Life skills training will foster appropriate behaviors, independence, employment, volunteerism and increased self-esteem. Our staff will specialize in behavioral issues and be Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) certified.  

  • Meaningful employment, volunteer training and placement.

  • Menu planning, meal preparation, cooking and cleaning.

  • Snacks and meals will be accessible to meet the Participants choices and needs. 

  • Public transportation and/or Access Para transit services.  The program will also provide transportation when needed.

  • Community integration in natural environment settings including safety, awareness in regards to police, fire or emergency help.

  • Self-care, privacy, personal health and hygiene. 

  • Relationships with their peers.

  • Self-advocacy training as well as training the Participant on their rights to privacy, dignity and respect from restraint and/or coercion. Rights on choosing staff, peers and activities they personally choose.

  • Program will develop and maintain the Participants functional skills.

  • Program will be age-appropriate. 

  • All Participants will have choices in training programs, activities, as well as staff.

  • When applicable the Participants will have choices on spending their own money.


The success of our client base depends largely on the community setting. Our members receive great fulfillment engaging in the world around them. This theory positively affects how our members interact in social environments.


Our focus in resource development, skills training, and safety prevention address these needs. Thus, promoting personal choice, social awareness, and ultimately full community inclusion.

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